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Episode 52 -- The Most Dangerous Woman in America
Recorded April 27, 2015. According to West Virginia district attorney Reese Blizzard, that would be Mary Harris Jones, aka "Mother Jones." And just who was Mother Jones and why was she so dangerous? What was Mother Jones' role in the American Railway Union's Pullman Strike? What was her relation to the women's movement of the early 20th Century? How did her radicalism relate to her Irish heritage? How will her legacy and work with the miners' unions be remembered at the Mother Jones Museum in Mt. Olive, Illinois? And what was it with Gene Autry, anyway? In this episode of Talkin' Socialism, Peg Strobel interviews Rosemary Feurer, Associate Professor of History at Northern Illinois University and Director of the Mother Jones Heritage Project.

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New Ground 159

March -- April, 2015


  • A Small Battle in a Larger War by Bob Roman
  • Greece: A Drama in Many Acts by Bill Barclay
  • Other News compiled by Bob Roman
  • Talkin' Socialism
    Chuy for Mayor
    Electoral Action Conference
    Save the Dates

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  • New Ground 159.1 -- 04.17.2015

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    LaSalle Street Tax Campaign by Bill Barclay
    Fight for 15 in Oak Park
    Fast Track
    Tax-Free Zones No Policy Panacea
    Chicago Elections

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    Civil Power and the Partner State

    3. Upcoming Events of Interest

    President Bernie Sanders?

    Bernie Sanders

    Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has announced that he is officially running as a candidate for President in 2016 to further a desperately needed political revolution in the USA.

    Senator Sanders is a lifelong champion of the public programs and democratic rights that empower working class people. His candidacy could help expand both the progressive movement and the democratic socialist voice within that movement.


    New Ground 159.2 -- 04.30.2015

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    Thank You
    How Chicago Voted: Race, Ethnicity and the Neoliberal Agenda
    "Right To Work" Laws Are Undemocratic by Tom Suhrbur
    Representative Davis and the TPP by Tom Broderick
    Governor .1%
    McDonald's HQ: May 20
    They Did WHAT?
    What We Don't Talk About

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    Gee, Capitalistas!

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