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Episode 60 -- The Great Stagnation
Recorded January 9, 2016. Ron Baiman and Bill Barclay, members of the Chicago Political Economy Group, review the political economy of 2015 and speculate on 2016.

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New Ground 164

January - February, 2016


  • Petitioning for Sanders by Tom Broderick

    Illinois will send 156 of 182 delegates to the Democratic National Convention (DNC) pledged to vote for particular ­Presidential candidate based on the results of the vote tally from the March 15 Illinois Primary. Not only is it critical to vote for Bernie Sanders for President, you must look for the delegates pledged to vote for Bernie. Look for the Sanders’ delegates on your primary ballot and be sure to vote for them.

  • A Note on Taxing the Wealthy by Bill Barclay

    The news item that has excited many economists –- you can be excused for missing it –- was the release by the IRS of the data on income and taxes for the 400 highest income filers in 2013. Of course it was interesting to learn that the income needed to be admitted into this select group dropped to a mere $105 million (AGI), down from $135 million in 2012, undoubtedly letting in a lot of riff-raff.

  • The Big Short by Bill Barclay

    Michael Lewis is at it again. Lewis, who spent a few years at (the now defunct) Salomon Brothers in the late 1980s, and resigned to write Liars’ Poker about the financial excess of that decade, has never lost either his fascination or his disgust with finance and Wall Street. In 2010 he wrote The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine, a book that described how the financial sector created, and in turn was almost destroyed by, the U.S. housing market bubble and collapse.

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President Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has announced that he is officially running as a candidate for President in 2016 to further a desperately needed political revolution in the USA.

Senator Sanders is a lifelong champion of the public programs and democratic rights that empower working class people. His candidacy could help expand both the progressive movement and the democratic socialist voice within that movement.

Paid for by Chicago Democratic Socialists of America and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

New Ground 164.1 -- 01.29.2016

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