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Episode 49 -- Gun Responsibilities in Oak Park
Recorded February 23, 2015. Sandra Shimon and Joyce Champelli tell the story leading up to the passage in Oak Park of an advisory referendum advocating universal background checks for firearm sales and transfers, beginning with an Oak Park group (Gun Rights and Responsibilities Committee) that was meeting to find common ground between gun rights and gun responsibilities.

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New Ground 158

January -- February, 2015


  • Quigley and the 1% by Tom Broderick
  • The Importance of an FTT: Reining in Finance by Bill Barclay
  • Other News compiled by Bob Roman
  • It's Still Stagnation
    Vote Mujica
    Socialist Salon
    Socialist Reading Group
    A Living Wage

  • Upcoming Events

  • New Ground 158.1 -- 02.02.2015

    0. DSA News

    The Greek People Reject Austerity
    YDS Statement on Syriza's Victory

    1. Politics

    The LaSalle Street Tax by Tom Broderick
    Who Pays?
    Poor by Comparison
    Youth Unemployment

    2. Democratic Socialism

    Greek Myths -- and Realities
    An X-Ray of Syriza
    Anti-Austerity in One Country?
    Greece's Solidarity Movement

    3. Communications

    Not Revolution Brewing

    4. Upcoming Events of Interest

    President Bernie Sanders?

    Bernie Sanders

    Bernie Sanders Petition:

    I urge democratic socialist Senator Bernie Sanders to commit to running for President of the United States. As a lifelong champion of the public programs and democratic rights which empower working class people, Senator Sanders is in a position to help expand both the progressive movement and the democratic socialist voice within that movement.

    To sign, CLICK HERE.

    New Ground 158.2 -- 02.13.2015

    0. DSA News

    Considering the Circumstances

    1. Politics

    Vote Mujica
    Illinois Is Now a War Zone by Bob Roman
    Fast Track Follies
    Fight for 15

    2. Democratic Socialism

    Independent Politics
    Where Are the Mass Movements of Today?

    3. Upcoming Events of Interest

    New Ground 158.3 -- 02.27.2015

    0. DSA News

    DSA in the News

    1. Politics

    Chicago Municipal Elections
    Derailing the Fast Track by Tom Broderick
    This Time It Will Be Different
    CPEG Notes
    Universal Health Care
    Disappeared in Chicago

    2. Democratic Socialism

    So What Is "Neo-Liberalism"?
    Mother Jones

    3. Upcoming Events of Interest

    Chicago DSA urges its members and friends to support, to become involved in Jesus Garcia's campaign to become the next Mayor of Chicago:


    Jesus Garcia



    Early Voting March 23 through April 4

    Deadline for absentee voting application April 2

    Deadline for in-person voter registration April 4

    Election Day April 7


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