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Talking Socialism

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Episode 43 -- The Criminal Record Is the New Jim Crow
Recorded August 9, 2014. Ruth McBeth, an Assistant Public Defender for Cook County and an activist with The Next Movement, and Anthony Lowery, Director of Policy and Advocacy for the Safer Foundation, discuss the vicious feedback cycle of poverty and crime and incarceration, with a special focus on Illinois. The program proper is 30 minutes but includes an extended question and answer session. For more information on the subject, see:

  • (In)Justice for All Film Festival;
  • prison demographics in your state;
  • redlining, mortgages, and contract buying;
  • Illinois Commission on the Elimination of Poverty 2013 (PDF).
  • Listen or (right click) Download: MP3 (43.8 MB) or OGG VORBIS (59 MB) (47:52)


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    New Ground 156

    September -- October, 2014


  • Justice for Michael Brown
  • Jobs, the Robin Hood Tax, and Organizing the Unemployed by Bill Barclay
  • Quotas and Diversity on the Left by Femi Agbabiaka
  • In DSA, D Is for Decentralism by Dan Hamilton
  • John Dewey and Radical Democracy by Alex McLeese
  • Other News compiled by Bob Roman
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    "Wage Crisis"
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    "The Price We Pay"

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