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Episode 56 -- Students and Labor
Recorded September 12, 2015. Martin Macias, community activist and journalist, interviews Kiera Bouton and Jeff Uehlinger, members of USAS local 15 at the University of Illinois ­ Chicago. Bouton and Uehlinger discuss the international campaign to End Deathtraps and their personal experiences fighting the corporatization of higher education. They also share their views on the role of students in the labor movement and the need of incorporating collective liberation.

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New Ground 162

September -- October, 2015


  • "Recovery" from the Great Recession by Bill Barclay
    The New Deal is famously not credited with ending the Great Depression, but compared to the recovery post-Great Recession, the economy came roaring back. Why is the economy today so lame? The short answer is: Inequality.
  • Taxing the Wealth of Nations by Alex McLeese
    Wealth taxes, once unimaginable, have entered the American conversation. As federal debts accumulate and inequality widens, the French economist Thomas Piketty has proposed a "useful utopia" -- a plan to tax global wealth at a progressive rate of a few percent each year. His 2014 book Capital in the Twenty-First Century became a surprise bestseller, and numerous commentators have responded. For socialists reluctant to nationalize industries outright, Piketty's policy presents an attractive alternative.
  • Eleanor Marx, a Founder of Socialist Feminism by Peg Strobel
    Eleanor Marx (1855-1898) is known in some circles as Karl Marx's daughter and assistant and in others as a key figure in conceptualizing and fighting for socialist feminism. In Eleanor Marx: A Life (2015), Rachel Holmes integrates both aspects of Marx's life and more.
  • Other News compiled by Bob Roman

Thank You
Mollie West and Julian Bond
Radical Feasts


President Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has announced that he is officially running as a candidate for President in 2016 to further a desperately needed political revolution in the USA.

Senator Sanders is a lifelong champion of the public programs and democratic rights that empower working class people. His candidacy could help expand both the progressive movement and the democratic socialist voice within that movement.


Paid for by Chicago Democratic Socialists of America and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

New Ground 162.1 -- 10.01.2015

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Talkin' Socialism: Students and Labor
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Lessons from the Socialist Feminist Conference
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