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Living Wage Reader



 Draft Living Wage Law for Oak Park (PDF)
 FAQ on Living Wage for Oak Park
 The Economics of a Living Wage by Bill Barclay (PDF)

Oak Park - Articles

On Hold in Oak Park by Bob Roman (NG 146, 2013)
 Forward! The Living Wage! by Tom Broderick (NG 145.3, 2012)
  Village Board Gags on Justice by Tom Broderick (NG 131, 2010)
 Oak Park Living Wage (NG 130.3, 2010)
 Stacking the Deck Against an Oak Park Living Wage (NG 130.2, 2010)
 DSA in the News: May Day underscores the importance of a living wage (NG 129.3, 2010)
 Justifying a Living Wage (NG 129.2, 2010)
 A Living Wage is Haunting Oak Park by Tom Broderick (NG 129, 2010)
 Oak Park Living Wage (NG 128.3, 2010)
 Oak Park Living Wage by Tom Broderick (NG 128.1, 2010)
 Usurp! Usurp! Usurp! by Tom Broderick (NG 127, 2009)
 Another Step Forward by Tom Broderick (NG 126, 2009)
 Oak Park Deserves a Living Wage by Tom Broderick (NG 125.2, 2009)
 The Economics of a Living Wage by Bill Barclay (NG 124, 2009)
 Living Wage (NG 123.1, 2009)
 If You Can't Beat a Living Wage, Strangle It by Tom Broderick (NG 123, 2009)
 A Living Wage Reduces Poverty (NG 121, 2008)
 A Living Wage in Oak Park by Tom Broderick (NG 120, 2008)
 Oak Park Living Wage (NG 118, 2008)

 Wal-Mart - Articles

 Wal-Mart Rampant by Bob Roman (NG 130.3, 2010)
 Wal-Mart Offensive by Bob Roman (NG 130.2, 2010)
 Wal-Mart (NG 129.3, 2010)
 Wal-Mart Again by Bob Roman (NG 128, 2010)
 Wal-Mart Again (NG 124.2, 2009)
 Wal-Mart v Chicago (NG 116.3, 2008)
 The Bank of Wal-Mart Rises Again? (NG 116.2, 2008)
 Wal-Mart's Giant Sucking Sound (NG 114, 2007)
 Big Box Living Wage Referenda and Other Election News (NG 109.1, 2006)
 Big Box Ballots and Other Measures (NG 108.3, 2006)
 Big Box Folds (NG 108, 2006)
 Big Box Ordinance Votes (NG 108, 2006)
 Big Box Store Ordinance (NG 107.3, 2006)
 Big Box Store Ordinance Fight Continues (NG 107.2, 2006)
 Big Box Store Ordinance (NG 107.1, 2006)
 No Freedom of Speech in Bentonville (NG 106.3, 2006)
 Rally Support for a Living Wage (NG 106.2, 2006)
 Battlemart: Ammo for Wal-Mart Warriors (NG 106.1, 2006)
 Rally for Living Wages (NG 105.5, 2006)
 Was That a Lively Press Conference or a Tame Riot? (NG 105.3, 2006)
 Chicago's "Big Box Living Wage Ordinance" (NG 104.2, 2006)
 The Truth About Wal-Mart (NG 102.5, 2005)
 Wal-Mart Plays Divide and Conquer but Resistance Solidifies for May 26 Showdown at City Council by Ron Baiman (NG 94, 2004)
 National Wal-Mart Day of Action by Bob Roman (NG 86, 2003)

 Cook County - Articles

 Cook County Living Wage (NG95, 2004)
 A Living Wage: It's the Law! by Robert Roman (NG 60, 1998)
 Cook County Jobs and Living Wage Ordinance (NG 60, 1998)

Chicago - Articles

 A Living, Not Slavery by Bob Roman (NG 139, 2011)
Chicago's Living Wage Victory by Angela West Blank (NG 66, 1999)
 the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (NG 62, 1999)
  A Living Wage: It's the Law! by Robert Roman (NG 60, 1998)
 Chicago Jobs and Living Wage Ordinance (NG 60, 1998)
 New Party Referendum Drives (NG 59, 1998)
 Payback Time in 99: Jobs & Living Wage Setback by Bob Roman (NG 54, 1997)
 Payback Time in 99: the Vote (NG 54, 1997)
 The Jobs & Living Wage Ordinance: Commentary and Summary by Bob Roman (NG 49, 1996)
 Chicago Needs a Living Wage: Excerpts From Ron Baiman's Testimony Before the City Council by Dr. Ron Baiman (NG 48, 1996)
 The Counter-Offensive Gathers: It's Still the Economy, Stupid! by Bob Roman (NG 46, 1996)
 Other DSA News (NG 45, 1996)
 A Living Wage by Bob Roman (NG 44, 1996)

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