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Some Basic Facts About Chicago DSA

DSA Why We Are Democratic Socialists

Chicago DSA is affiliated with the national Democratic Socialists of America but is separately incorporated. Anyone paying national membership dues in the Chicago area is automatically a member of the Chicago DSA local. Chicago DSA is incorporated as an Illinois non-profit corporation and, like DSA nationally, has 501c4 status from the IRS. This means we are tax exempt but contributions are not tax deductible. It also means our electoral participation is limited in much the same way as participation by labor unions is limited.

Chicago DSA covers Cook, DeKalb, DuPage, Grundy, Kane, Lake, McHenry, Will, and Kankakee counties: basically zip codes 600 through 609. Our experience has been that this is far too large a territory for members to effectively participate through chapter-wide general membership meetings; consequently, we encourage the formation of branches and commissions. If there are none in your geographic area or in your area of interest, consider taking the intitiative in forming one. The members of the Executive Committee would be glad to help. For more information, also refer to our by-laws.

Current Chicago DSA branches:

(NOTE: The City of Chicago branch is reorganizing into a North Side and South Side branch. A Northwest Suburban Illinois DSA Organizing Committee has been formed (tentatively DuPage and Kane counties, but that could change), and organizing is taking place in DeKalb County.)

General membership meetings are held four times a year, at least, including an annual Membership Convention in June. Any interested person may attend these meetings but only members in good standing may vote.

The Executive Committee usually meets the second Saturday of each month at Noon, usually at the Chicago DSA office but sometimes elsewhere. The Chicago DSA Executive Committee is made up of officers and duly elected representatives of any "branches" or "commissions". Every DSA member is welcome to attend (and speak at) Executive Committee meetings. Call the CDSA office for additional information: 773.384.0327.

Chicago DSA has an office irregularly staffed by volunteers. When no one is in the office, a telephone answering machine will take a message of modest length. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Current Executive Committee
(aka board of directors)

Bill Barclay, male co-chair
[vacant], female co-chair
Alex McLeese, political education director
Bob Roman, secretary
Peg Strobel, treasurer
Tom Broderick or Sandra Shimon, GOPDSA representative
Aaron Armitage, City of Chicago DSA representative
[vacant], City of Chicago DSA representative
Alec Hudson, City of Chicago DSA representative

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