DSA Swag Search!

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As you probably know, the DSA’s national convention is in Chicago this year, and it’s going to be the biggest in our history. (If you don’t know, you better ask somebody.)  Many of our branches are fundraising to send their delegates and attendees to the Big Town, and that means big fun for you, because a lot of them are giving you, in exchange for your kind contribution to socialist solidarity, some of that sweet, sweet, swag.

Here are but a few examples!

DSA Lincoln, in Nebraska, is offering these boss beer cozies, union-printed and union-made!  They’re cool as hell and amazingly affordable!  Get some!

Austin DSA has these awesome stickers, locally made by union labor, that remind you that health care is a human right.  You cannot deny it, so why not try it?

Orange County DSA has some good advice:  eat the rich!  They are delicious and nutritious, and you’ll not just lose weight, you’ll lose your chains!  Believe it, and be it, by buying this t-shirt!

Red River Valley DSA, way up north in Dakota, is also not napping on their t-shirt game, with this dandy baseball tee that reminds you that (private) property is theft!  Make this one your (personal) property!

Need more t-shirts?  Of course you do!  You are an American!  America functions on t-shirts!  And Boston DSA has this swell one inspired, apparently, by a local base-ball team!  Play ball, capitalist roaders, you lose!  1-0 socialism!

Omaha DSA is not gonna let Lincoln have all the Nebraska fun!  They’ve put out this great collection of essays on socialism in zine form, and for just five bucks you can get smart and help their people get to Chic!

North Texas DSA wants to know:  do you practice y’allidarity?  You better!  And how to show it but with a snazzy t-shirt?  You better hurry, these are too good to stick around.

DSA Fort Worth, across the county line, has these nice recruiting t-shirts so that total strangers can walk up to you in the street and in five minutes’ time you can convert them to socialism!  Now that’s hustle!

Kansas City DSA has got so much merch we can’t even begin to describe it all!  There’s no such thing as ethical consumption under capitalism, but if you gotta buy stuff, buy this stuff!

And, of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that we here in Chicago have our own game going on, as you can see from these untouchable vintage DSA buttons.  All proceeds go to building Second City socialism!

So if you have a few spare dollars sitting around, spend ’em on DSA swag and help us get our members to the biggest socialist convention America has seen in a century.  This is the moment — show ’em whatcha got!