CDSA Endorses Carlos Ramirez-Rosa Campaign

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The Chicago Democratic Socialists of America are proud to announce our endorsement of Carlos Ramirez-Rosa in his run for the 4th Congressional District of Illinois.

Carlos has been a loyal comrade of CDSA for several years, and, during his time as alderman for the city’s 35th Ward, has repeatedly demonstrated that he both believes in and actively works for the values we hold in common. His dedication to the working-class Latinx community and his dedication to opposing gentrification, fighting for fair wages and community services, and his bold opposition to ICE and their predatory anti-immigrant activities have been inspirational to those of us in Logan Square, where he was born and raised.

Throughout his political career, Carlos has never shied from identifying as a Democratic Socialist, even when it came at a personal cost. He stood by CDSA when outsiders attempted to smear him for his support of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement; he has represented Chicago’s poor, Latinx, and queer communities against the austerity measures imposed by neoliberal mayor Rahm Emanuel; and his was the sole vote against the costly and unneeded $95 million expenditure on an academy for training the city’s deeply corrupt and compromised police department.

During the last year, Carlos has worked closely with CDSA on training our Rapid Response Working Group to train community defense committees against anti-immigrant crackdowns, and our Health Care Working Group to advance the cause of universal health care. He is unapologetically in favor of socialist approaches to the workplace, education, and social justice. He has inspired us with his speeches, his tireless work for his community, and his unflagging vision of a better world for us and our fellow citizens.

After an overwhelming vote by our membership in favor of this endorsement, we give the Carlos Ramirez-Rosa campaign our endorsement, and hail him as precisely the kind of determined progressive that the Democratic Socialists of America should be backing throughout the country as part of our efforts to build a transformative socialism in the 21st century.