Chicago Democratic Socialists of America Endorses Anthony Clark for Congress in the IL 7th District

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Chicago Democratic Socialists of America (CDSA) is pleased to announce our endorsement of Anthony Clark, candidate for Congress in the Illinois 7th Congressional District. As a teacher, community organizer, and veteran, Clark has demonstrated a commitment to building a just and equitable society, and combating the power and policies of the political and economic elite that dominates the U.S. today.

Anthony Clark has brought a much-needed spotlight to Chicago’s West Side Communities. In 2016, Clark founded the Suburban Unity Alliance to unite people from Chicago’s diverse suburbs in the fight against all forms of discrimination. He has received local recognition for his community involvement.

Like CDSA, Clark advocates for raising the minimum wage, collective bargaining, and Medicare for All. He also supports the legalization of marijuana. Free access to publicly-funded higher education is a crucial issue for Clark, who sees access to college as a right, not a privilege based on family income. He has promised to work for an end to privatized prison systems, the abolition of prison labor, and the cash bail system.

In light of these positions, we are proud to endorse Democratic Socialist Anthony Clark for Congress.


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