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Good Morning Chicago DSA

To start, I’d like to offer a huge congratulations to the Bowletariats who, despite the rain, threw a great party last night and ended up raising over $900 for abortion access and reproductive justice. I know I had a great time hanging out with my comrades, although the trade off is that I’m writing this email with a bit more of a hangover than usual. Totally worth it! The Bowletariats still got a little ways to go until they reach their goal of $10,000, so if you missed the party but still want to contribute (or even if you went to party and are still feeling generous) head over to their donation page and help them out.
We’ve got a lot on the schedule this week with some really cool events. Chief among them is the General Membership Meeting. And that’s today! Wow! Hopefully everybody filled out the online voting registration form already and is raring to go. If not the link is down below and you should do that ASAP. There’s also some key information posted that you’ll want to check out, including the meeting agenda. It’s gonna be a good time, and one of the few times out of the year that the whole chapter meets in one place, so you definitely don’t want to miss it.

Besides the membership meeting, make sure to check out the rest of our schedule this week. We’ve got a wide variety of meetings and panels being held. There are even Local School Council elections taking place this week that you might not have known about. Make sure to check out the listing for that and learn how you can vote for some of your comrades, and help us build power in Chicago!

See you all out there 🙂

Today, April 15

Tuesday, April 17

  • Electoral Working Group Meeting; 6:30 PM – 8 PM; 300 S. Ashland Ave; 3rd FloorThe Electoral Working Group will meet to discuss the policy on members running for office, our endorsement process and membership in EWG committees.
  • Housing Working Group Meeting; 7 PM – 9 PM; National Public Housing Museum; 625 N. Kingsbury St.Our monthly Housing Working Group is meeting at the National Museum for Public Housing this month! We’ll be talking about the success of the Lift the Ban ballot initiative and where we’re taking it next. If you’re interested in checking out the museum, you can show up as early as 6:15 PM and take a look around!

Wednesday, April 18

  • Comrades Who Read Together: April Fiction Book Club; 7 PM – 8:30 PM; CDSA Office; 3411 W. Diversey Ave. For the March/April Fiction Book Club, Comrades Who Read Together will be meeting to discuss Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Dispossessed.
  • Solidarity Economy Working Group Meeting; 7 PM – 9 PM; Harold Washington Library; 6th Floor South Study Room; 400 S. State St.Want to learn how to build Socialism in our time? Come visit us at our monthly meeting!
  • What’s Next For Housing Justice in Chicago?; 7 PM – 9 PM; UE Hall; 37 S. Ashland Ave.Join activists from every corner of the city to discuss how to fight back against housing injustice at this panel. What’s next after the election? What other demands should be on the table in our fight for housing injustice? What kind of struggles are taking place in various neighborhoods? Come to discuss, learn and strategize ways forward. This event is sponsored by the CDSA Housing Working Group.Speakers include: Andy Thayer of Uptown Tent City Organizers, Moises Moreno of Pilsen Alliance, Loreen Targos of CDSA and the Lift the Ban campaign, Jawanza Malone of Kenwood Oakland Community Organization and a leader of the Obama Library CBA Coalition. It will be moderated by our own Robin Peterson.

Friday, April 20

  • Apocalyptic Anti-Intellectualism In The Age of Trump; 7 PM – 8:30 PM; UE Hall; 37 S. Ashland Ave.Author and journalist Christian Parenti will give a CDSA endorsed talk examining the apparent inability of American economic and policy elites to address the multiple systematic crises facing global capitalism. The country has a president that neither major party wanted, yet neither could stop him. Rich and self-satisfied, yet facing the greatest challenge in their history, American elites appear more short-sighted and incompetent than ever. What caused this? And, most importantly, what are we to make of the Left’s response to this crisis?Drawing on his work as a journalist reporting from conflict zones, and on his research into the economic history of American capitalism, Parenti will explore how the US could be rediscovering its own overlooked traditions of state planning and public investment to drive the economic and social transformations necessary to face the greatest challenge ever, the climate crisis.

Saturday, April 21

  • Canvass in Chicago for Medicare for All!; 10 AM – 3 PM; Various Locations
    Come canvass with CDSA all across Chicago on April 21 to build the campaign for Medicare for All! April 21 has been set as a weekend of action for Medicare for All by National DSA, and chapters across the country will begin their collective efforts to make Medicare for All a reality in the United States. We will be petitioning in several areas in the city to collect signatures aimed at pressuring our Senators and Representatives in Congress to support Medicare for All, as well as distribute pamphlets and talk to folks about all the great things Chicago DSA is doing!We’re meeting at various locations: Division Blue Line stop (12 PM – 3 PM); Pilsen Main Square – 18th and Loomis (12 PM – 3 PM); Anti-War Coalition March – Northwest corner of State and Van Buren (10 AM – 1 PM); Uptown – Wilson and Broadway (12 PM – 3 PM)Contact us at:

    More info on the campaign!

  • New Member Orientation Meeting; 2 PM – 4 PM; Hairpin Arts Studio; 2810 N. Milwaukee Ave.New to DSA, DSA-curious, or just trying to figure out how to get involved? Come to our first bi-monthly orientation for an exciting introduction to the organization! Meet elected leaders, active members, and other newbies, and learn about our ongoing work and how you can be a part of it. Snacks provided 🙂Space is limited, so please RSVP.


  • Our City, Our School: Election Day!Local School Council elections across Chicago Public Schools are taking place on Wednesday 4/18 and Thursday 4/19 – Chicago DSA has members and allies running for LSC seats across the city and it’s time to come out and vote! Details on our candidates and the election can be found on the Facebook page linked to above. Bring two forms of ID to vote, one with your current address.
  • Talkin’ Socialism podcast: Labor Organizing in ChicagoWe spoke with members of the CDSA Labor Working Group about organizing labor in Chicago and elsewhere.Note: The Talkin’ Socialism Team is always looking for volunteers to help with episode production. If you’ve got a socialism related story to tell or a topic that you want to explore and share, don’t hesitate to shoot us a message at


If I missed an event, please let me know ASAP at

If you have a CDSA organized or sponsored event that you would like added to the event calendar, please fill out this form. If you want this event included in this email make sure to submit your form before the preceding Friday, at the latest.

For a more complete list of events and DSA-adjacent events check out the events page on the Chicago DSA website.

In solidarity,
Zach Shearer