Our City, Our Schools Candidates Win Big in Local School Council Elections

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Chicago may not have an elected school board yet, but Our City, Our Schools candidates injected some democracy into Chicago Public Schools’ Local School Council elections and won 15 seats across the city of Chicago!

Our City, Our Schools candidates included Chicago Democratic Socialists of America members and ally partners. They ran on a platform to fight CPS budget cuts, fight school closings and charter expansions, create sanctuary schools, keep classes below 20 students/fight staff cuts, and fight for a city-wide elected school board.

In a Facebook post following their win, Spencer Chan said, “On election day, I spoke to over 130 parents at LaSalle II. Of all the issues I spoke with parents about, one issue seemed to resonate with them the most: parents are tired of Mayor Rahm Emanuel appointing his buddies to the serve on the school board of CPS. Parents want an elected school board in the city of Chicago. I am excited to work with the LSC at LaSalle II and to organize and build solidarity with LSCs across the city to make an elected school board a reality.”

LSCs are elected every two years and are typical made up of 12 positions: 6 parents, 2 community members, 2 teachers, 1 staffer who isn’t a teacher, plus the principal. High schools also choose a student member who serves a one-year term. LSCs vote to approve the school’s budget, evaluate and hire principals, and oversee the school’s Continuous Improvement Work Plan, among other duties.

The two year term for LSCs will begin on July 1. You can find full LSC elections results here.


Our City, Our Schools Winners

Greene (McKinley Park) – Kerry Luckett
Harte (Hyde Park) – John Hieronymous
Holden (Bridgeport) – Kevin Robinson & Rene Paquin
LaSalle II (Wicker Park) – Spencer Chan
McPherson (Lincoln Square) – Erin Weinstein
Orozco (Pilsen) – Angel Salgado
South Loop (South Loop) – Marc Dumas, Matsuo Marti & Kathryn McKechnie
Swift (Edgewater) – Tim Lacy
Prussing (Jefferson Park) – Matt Hoffman
Whittier (Pilsen) – Byron Sigcho Lopez


Juarez (Pilsen) – Maria Velazquez
Roosevelt (Albany Park) – AJ Taylor
Senn (Uptown/Edgewater) – Community Candidate


If you’re interested in getting involved with our Public Education Working Group, you can learn more here!