This Week in the CDSA (August 12 – August 19)

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Good Morning Chicago DSA,

I want to start out by giving some major kudos to everybody who was out in the heat yesterday. Whether it was those who were out at train stops talking to people about Medicare for All and CPAC, or the folks who showed up to march in the Bud Biliken Parade, you all are amazing. I wasn’t there myself, but I’m assuming everybody made sure to stay hydrated, right? Very important. In fact, in my list of keys to winning a socialist society, proper hydration is a top fifteen key, if not top ten. Anyway, keep up the great work!
Our schedule this week looks pretty solid. I’ve got a couple of things I want to highlight. One, the CDSA t-shirt sale ends on the 14th! If you’ve been meaning to buy a shirt and haven’t yet, what are you doing?! Quit procrastinating already and follow the link below to order your shirt. Two, the candidates for North Side Steering Committee have been announced along with their statements. The meeting isn’t until next week but if you want to get a head start, make sure to check out all of the candidate statements HERE.

There are a number of really good events this week. Be sure to check them out below. I’ll see you out there, comrades 🙂


Sunday, August 12

  • West Cook Branch Monthly Meeting; 1 PM – 3 PM; Oak Park Public Library; 834 Lake St, Oak Park
    Monthly business meeting, including reporting on member reports on working groups, West Cook organized Break Light Clinic, and continued branch reorganization, including voting on steering committee positions for 2018-2019.
  • Healthcare Reading Group; 1 PM – 3 PM; Harold Washington Library; 400 S. State St.
    We have two articles on the docket. The first is the state single payer system  put forward by Michigan gubernatorial candidate Abdul El-Sayed and the second is about discrepancies in life expectancy by neighborhood in Chicago. We are still experimenting with times and venues. Please continue to add any readings you think are appropriate to the reading list at the link below. Also, please have a look at the list to see if there is anything that you would like to suggest for the next meeting

Tuesday, August 14

  • Healthcare Working Group Meeting; 7 PM – 8:30 PM; CDSA Office; 3411 W. Diversey Ave.
    Come check out Chicago DSA’s efforts to fight for health justice and make Medicare for All a reality! We will be discussing our ongoing canvassing efforts, community health efforts, coalition building, and more! All are welcome, non-DSA folks included.

Thursday, August 16

  • Housing Working Group Meeting; 7 PM – 9 PM; National Public Housing Museum; 625 N. Kingsbury
    We’ll be discussing updates on Lift the Ban, specifically our canvassing expansion to Logan Square and our cross state outreach.

Saturday, August 18

  • South Side Branch Monthly Meeting; 12 PM – 1:30 PM; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Public Library; 3436 S. King Drive
    Join us for the monthly branch meeting of the South Side Branch of the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America!

    NOTE! This event has been cancelled so that folks can attend the direct action with the Lift the Ban Coalition:

Sunday, August 19

  • Harold Washington – Red Ed Reading Group; 2 PM – 4 PM; In These Times; 2040 N. Milwaukee Ave.
    Join us for the August meeting of the Red Ed Reading Group! With electoral politics heavy in the air, we wanted to get together and talk about a local example in Chicago history: the Harold Washington campaign. While not a socialist, Washington was drafted from a grassroots effort to take on the Democratic machine in Chicago. We’ll read and discuss a few short chapters from Gary Rivlin’s “Fire on the Prairie”, and talk about the potential–and challenges–of building socialist power through elections. UPDATE: Unfortunately, this Red Ed event has been cancelled, but will be rescheduled soon!
  • Chicago DSA T-Shirt Sale; Ends August 14
    Chicago DSA is pleased to offer four union-made and printed t-shirts, hand-delivered to your door by unionized USPS workers.
    Look great at your next DSA Branch meeting with a black t-shirt repping Chicago DSA and our socialist tradition, with our own Michelle Favia’s take on Eugene Deb’s 1912 campaign logo.
    Want to show off your solidarity on the picket line or at your next union meeting? Want to make sure the boss knows exactly where he fits into your worldview? Our kick ass red t-shirt will let everyone know that you’re with the workers.
    And you can definitely take sides by taking democratic socialism to the ballpark (or just your favorite bar) with two fresh takes on our city’s baseball teams.
    Shipping is $6.50 anywhere in the US, and whether you order one piece or all three, it’s a flat rate.
    This sale will close on August 14th, so make sure you get your order in right away.
  • Midwest Socialist podcast: FBI Infiltration
    Aaron Leonard, co-author of “A Threat of the First Magnitude,” spoke to Midwest Socialist about FBI infiltration of leftist organizations. Sarah also talks about a wildcat strike in Indiana and Rahm’s latest half-hearted gesture toward police accountability.
    Leonard’s books are available through Repeater Books:
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For a more complete list of events and DSA-adjacent events check out the events page on the Chicago DSA website. 
In solidarity,
Zach Shearer