CDSA Communications Committee elections reflect chapter growth

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At the August CDSA Comms meeting held on August 27, voting was held for both bylaws adjustments and Comms Team Member leadership positions.

The group voted unanimously to amend the existing bylaw language concerning the group name from “Communications Working Group” to “Communications Committee.”

A Second amendment was raised for Section 2 concerning roles for leaderships, proposing At-Large Members, rather than only specific Team Leaders, to be appointed to different assignments and projects as needed by the Communications Coordinator and Co-Chair. After deliberation raising concerns that this amendment would potentially add unnecessary layers of bureaucracy to the Committee, the amendment was ultimately not adopted.

Following bylaws amendments, the Committee members voted on Comms Team Member leadership roles.

Amy Guth was elected to Comms Committee Co-Chair, a seat previously held by Lucie Macias, who is now the CDSA Executive Committee Co-Chair. Guth will co-lead the Committee with Zach Shearer, who was elected CDSA Communications Coordinator earlier this summer after serving as Co-Chair for the past year. Andrew Anderson was elected to Social Media Team Lead; Charles Austin was re-elected to Midwest Socialist Newsletter Team Lead; Sarah Hurd was elected to Midwest Socialist Podcast Team Lead; and Sean Duffy was re-elected to AgitProp Team Lead. Each ran unopposed and will each serve for one year.

The Midwest Socialist Team Lead Roles held by Charles Austin and Sarah Hurd reflects a move earlier this year to re-brand the podcast and combine editorial efforts with the re-booted Midwest Socialist publication, which Austin will now lead for a third year.

The Comms Committee builds and maintains various lines of communication, both internal and external, of Chicago DSA. The Committee handles a broad range of projects and is responsible for media outreach, event promotion, content creation across platforms, social media, and strategic communications for CDSA initiatives.