June 2018 Convention Minutes

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2018 Chicago DSA Constitutional Convention Minutes

Saturday, June 30th, 2018 12:00PM-4:00PM

Hairpin Arts Center, 2810 N. Milwaukee Avenue

Approved October 7, 2018

Chairing:  Clara Alcott & Leonard Pierce

Parliamentarian:  Keefer Dunn

Acting Secretary: Colin M Hill

Stack: Steve W; Time: Virginia I; Deputy Teller: Anna F

  1. Meeting commenced at 12:06. Motion to adopt the meeting agenda; motion carried.
  2. Ed C presented the Treasurer’s Report and JP K presented the Dues Report.
  3. Leonard announced quorum exceeding 140 at 12:30 p.m.
  4. Presentation on special rules by Ramsin. Motion to adopt the special rules, motion carried.
  5. Motion to approve the minutes of the December and April General meetings; motion carried.
  6. Colin presented the Consent Agenda for January-June 2018.
    1. Eli B removed June item 4, “Chicago DSA Endorsement Process,” from the Consent Agenda.
    2. Motion to accept the Consent Agenda; motion carried.
  7. Debate on the Electoral Working Group endorsement process.
    1. Motion to adopt this as the Chicago DSA Endorsement Policy; motion carried.
  8. 2018 Officer Elections. In-person voting concluded at 1:24. Lucie Macias was elected Co-Chair. Joseph Altura was elected Secretary. Ramsin Canon was re-elected Political Education Coordinator.
  9. Ed C announced that $700 had been raised in cash, which more than covered the cost of the meeting space.
  10. Motion to change the agenda to make an announcement; motion carried.
    1. Tanner H, Harassment & Grievance Officer announced that Marcelyn C had agreed to be the alternate Harassment & Grievance Officer. This brings Chicago DSA into compliance with National DSA’s Harassment & Grievance Policy.
    2. Complaints should be sent to hgo@chicagodsa.org.
  11. Bylaws discussion:

Main motion to call for adoption of the Committee Revision bylaws as currently constituted. Moved & seconded.

ARTICLE I: Adopted without debate.

ARTICLE II: Adopted without debate.


Eli B proposed the following amendment to section 1:

In keeping with our opposition to the violence necessary to maintain the status quo, officers of law enforcement are not eligible for membership in CDSA.

If the EC finds that there is clear evidence that a member is currently in the employ of the police, the FBI, ICE, an officer of DHS, or engaged in ongoing work in service of any established law enforcement bodies, the EC must follow the procedure for expulsion of an ineligible member.

If a former officer of law enforcement wishes to join, they must follow the procedure for reinstatement of membership for expelled members.”

Employment was defined as falling under the conflict of interest section at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

Motion to adopt Eli B’s amendment; motion failed.

The following amendment was proposed to require law enforcement to disclose their employment:

Anyone who is unwilling to disclose that they are a member of law enforcement is ineligible to join Chicago DSA.”

Simon S called the question to vote on the amendment right away, motion carried.

Motion to amend Section I to require law enforcement to disclose their employment; motion failed.

An amendment was proposed to make members of police organizations such as the Fraternal Order of Police ineligible to join Chicago DSA. Motion to adopt the amendment; motion failed.

Motion to adopt Article III; motion carried.


John A proposed the following amendment to section 1 & section 2 that membership be able to petition to add resolutions to the agenda for a general membership meeting:

Amendment to section 1:

Any 2% of members may petition for a resolution to be added to the agenda of a Membership Convention, at any point prior to the Convention.

Amendment to section 2:

“Any 2% of members may petition for a resolution to be added to the agenda of a membership meeting, at any point prior to the meeting.”

Motion to add 30 minutes to the bylaws discussion; motion carried.

Motion to adopt John A’s amendment; motion failed.

John A proposed the following amendment to section 4 that would reduce membership meeting quorum:

Strike:ten percent (10%)

Replace with:seven percent (7%)

Casey M asked for clarification on membership numbers. Answer: There are 1,435 members as of June 1 2018. As of July it is well over 1500. At 7% of the June list it would be about 100 individuals. At 10% it is about 140 individuals which is far exceeded at the current meeting.

Motion to adopt John A’s amendment; motion failed.

Joanna M moved to strike the word “working class viewpoints or” from the last sentence of Section 4.

Motion to adopt Joanna’s amendment; motion carried.

Motion to adopt Article IV; motion carried.


Lucie Macias moved to change section 2 (“Co-chair”) to a one-year term and section 4 (“Treasurer”) to a one-year term, exclusive of currently-serving officers.

Motion to adopt Lucie’s amendment; motion carried.

Motion to adopt Article V; motion carried.

ARTICLE VI: Adopted without debate.


Jamal R proposed an amendment to remove Executive Committee voting rights from representatives of non-territorial branches. Motion to adopt Jamal’s amendment; motion failed.

Motion to adopt Article VII; motion carried.

ARTICLE VII: Adopted without debate.


Motion to waive reading the remaining articles aloud; motion carried.

Motion to extend time by 10 minutes; motion carried.

Motion to adopt ARTICLE XI; motion carried.

ARTICLE X: Adopted without debate.

ARTICLE XI: Adopted without debate.

ADDENDUM I: Motion to accept “The Feminist Process” as an addendum to the constitution; motion carried.

Bylaws section concluded. The bylaws were adopted by Chicago DSA.

  1. Working Group Updates.
  2. Speech by Carlos Ramirez-Rosa & “Solidarity Forever.”
  3. Motion to adjourn at 5:10 pm, motion carried.