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Good Morning Chicago DSA,

Well. Here we are. The week of November 4 – November 11. Election Day is nigh!

There’s been a lot of the usual hootin’ and hollerin’ about who’s going to win the House and Senate for the next two years and how important it is to vote this time around. And that’s all well and good. Voting is important even if the best choices for Governor and Congress here in Chicago are, like, ugh whatever (personal opinion). There are, however, two issues on the ballots this year that CDSA has endorsed that you really should go out and vote for. One is to vote No on Judge Matt Coghlan, and the other is to vote Yes to Lift the Ban on Rent Control although this will only be in the ballot in a few select wards. So please get out and vote, even if it’s only for those two items.

But beyond voting, I think it’s important to remember that building power and creating lasting structural change requires more than just going to the ballot box every year. If we want to make change we need to develop deep connections in our communities, we need to build our organization to be a political force, and we need to constantly speak out against and stand up to injustice and oppression and capitalism and fascism in the multitude of ways they manifest.
I joined DSA two years ago, the morning of November 7. And I gotta say – wow! I’m so proud of how much this organization has grown since then. In just two years, I’ve seen so many people who showed up to their first meeting just wanting to help in some way or another and then, over time, turned into full on organizers. I’ve seen people give up their evenings and entire weekends to get out and talk with their neighbors and knock on doors. And, over these 2 years, I’ve seen a strong foundation get laid for a political organization that can make some real change in Chicago and in the US.

So whatever happens on Tuesday, just remember how far we’ve come. The campaigns we’re working on will turn in to tangible wins, I promise. And if we keep working and organizing the way we have been, it’ll be sooner rather than later.
With that said, there are a couple more days for voting, so that means there’s still time to canvass and get out into your neighborhoods. Info on how to do that is below with the events. I’ll see you out there, comrades ūüôā

Multiple Dates
  • Lift the Ban Canvassing;¬†Rogers Park¬†and¬†Logan Square
    Chicago DSA is going full steam ahead in our fight to Lift the Ban on rent control in Illinois. We’re out every weekend (and some weekdays too!) canvassing in¬†Rogers Park¬†and¬†Logan Square. Check out the links for a list of exact dates and locations and if you’re interested in getting involved¬†please sign up here.
Monday, November 5
  • Immigration Rights Committee Meeting; 7 PM – 8:30 PM; CDSA Office; 3411 W. Diversey Ave.
    The Immigration Rights Committee will be discussing and working around deportations and the needs of immigrants in our communities. We’ll have updates on the #StopGaryDeportations campaign and discuss future work in our fight to abolish ICE.
Tuesday, November 6
  • Lift The Ban – Election Day Canvassing!¬†49th Ward¬†and¬†35th Ward;
    Join your CDSA comrades as we talk to our neighbors on election day!
    We need as many volunteers as possible to talk to voters, so please sign up for as many shifts as you can! These time frames are not strict; let us know what hours you’re free and we’ll find a time that works for you! All events will begin at United Church of Rogers Park, 1545 W Morse Ave for the 49th Ward or 3851 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL for the 35th Ward.
    RSVP here
    If you’ve got ’em, wear your DSA shirts and buttons. Inexperienced and experienced canvassers welcome!
  • Vote
    Please vote. Vote No on Judge Matt Coghlan (He’s trash) and Yes to Lift the Ban on Rent Control.
  • Election Night Watch Party;¬†7 PM – 11 PM; In These Times; 2040 N. Milwaukee Ave
    When the polls close on Election Night, head over to the In These Times offices to celebrate, commiserate, or (more likely) a little bit of both. We’ll have free drinks courtesy of Revolution Brewing, snacks, and multiple screens to watch the returns as they come in.
    We’ll also have Election Night Bingo (free to play), a free book room, and copies of the latest issues of the magazine. This event is free and open to the public.
Wednesday, November 7
  • Environmental Justice Working Group Meeting; 7 PM – 8:30 PM; CDSA Office; 3411 W. Diversey Ave.
    Join the Environmental Justice Working Group to discuss plans to democratize our energy, climate change’s effect on the decision to have children, and Working Group Leadership elections!
Thursday, November 8
  • Public Education Working Group Meeting; 7 PM – 8:30 PM; Workers United Hall; 333 S. Ashland Ave.
    We will focus on discussing our ongoing Local School Councils campaign, but will also have time allotted other educational issues, projects, and actions.
Saturday, November 10
  • The¬†Strike and Solidarity Committee¬†has set up an SMS system to keep people posted about strike and solidarity actions. People that want to get updates should text SOLIDARITY to 55222
  • The¬†Health Care Working Group¬†is out in force canvassing for Medicare for All and¬†need your help! If you can join the fight for universal healthcare, join the canvass every Saturday from noon to 3pm at both the Division Blue line stop and the 18th Street Pink line stop. The goal of this canvassing is to get folks to sign a petition in support of¬†H.R.676¬†and¬†S.1804¬†which they use to lobby local House Reps to support Medicare for All. If you’re interested, please fill out¬†this form¬†to the best of your current knowledge. You can always come back and fill the form out again with updated dates that do/don’t work for you so long as you use the same email. Thanks!
  • Please consider donating to CDSA!¬†I know we’re socialists and most of us don’t have much in our bank accounts but we appreciate donations of any amount. Your¬†one-time or monthly recurring donation¬†will help CDSA continue building democratic socialism in Chicago! Recurring donations, even if it’s just a couple bucks a month, are a huge help.
  • Grievance Policy.¬†If you ever feel you are being harassed by another member of DSA, or made to feel uncomfortable by a member, or have a conflict with another member, please reach out to¬†¬†to get in touch with our chapter’s Harassment and Grievance Officers.
If I missed an event, please let me know ASAP at


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For a more complete list of events and DSA-adjacent events check out the events page on the Chicago DSA website.


In solidarity,
Zach Shearer