CDSA Executive Committee Minutes November 10, 2018

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November Chicago DSA Executive Committee Meeting

November 10, 2018

Crossroads Conference Room

Approved December 8, 2018

Chairing: Lucie M & Leonard P
Minutes: Joe A
Committee Members in Attendance:

Joe A, Will B, Melinda B, Zoe C, Spencer C, Sierra C, Sean D, Sean E, Anna F, JP K, Isa J, Ryan L, Lucie M, Heather M, Lillian O, Robin P, Leonard P, Anthony Q, Zach S, John T, Rachel Z

Committee Members Absent with Notice:

Waleeta C, Ed C, Zev F, Tina G, Simon S

The regular monthly meeting of the Executive Committee (EC) of Chicago Democratic Socialists of America (CDSA) was called to order at 2:46PM November 10, 2018 by Leonard. After a review of feminist process, Joe moved to adopt the minutes of the last EC meeting. This was seconded and approved by Committee members present.

Will moved that the agenda of the meeting be adopted. The motion was seconded and approved.

Anna presented on the upcoming general meeting that the Crowne Plaza Hotel was reserved for December 1 with a deposit of $150. Requests for volunteers to marshal, count votes, check-in, would need to be done the next week.

Lucie presented on the Illinois State meet-up. The Bloomington-Normal Chapter had found space for the three days. Next steps would be to send out some RSVP form to the chapter to find interested members of which 20-30 could attend. This would also coincide with the monthly EC meeting. The co-chairs decided to move the EC meeting to December 15th.

Joe provided a report as the secretary on the number of members in the chapter; the status of the consent agenda for the upcoming general meeting which was completed up until the November EC meeting; the status of the minutes from the previous general meeting which was completed and available for review. The YDSA representative was not filled by the YDSA chapters in Chicago, but would need to be by 11/27. He would be sending out a draft of a data policy for the EC to give comment on as well as potential processes for elections for branch and chapter delegates.

Zach provided a report on the Communications Committee. The committee had built its capacity in terms of more regularly sending press releases, coordinating communications with chapter campaigns and developing a best practices document for social media.

Leonard gave a report prepared by Ed C on the state of chapter’s finances.

Kevin presented on his proposal for the creation and distribution of dues buttons for 2019. A motion was made to adopt the proposal, which was seconded. Joe A moved to amend the proposal adding the words “or their designee” after the words “Monthly the CDSA Secretary”. The motion to amend was seconded and adopted. The amended proposal was then adopted.

Kevin presented on a preliminary budget for the Debs Dinner. After comments, Lucie moved to table approving the budget until the December meeting. The motion to table was seconded and adopted.

Sean D presented on the progress of the Socialist Night School. The first session had occurred October 28, the second session to occur November 18, and the third December 1.

Lillian presented on Lift the Ban’s progress. The referendum present on ballots in three wards passed above 50% in each ward. A conference to pressure John Cullerton had occurred the day of the EC meeting. Information regarding the success of canvasses conducted by CDSA in all three wards would be forthcoming.

Spencer presented on the Electoral Ad Hoc Committee. Moving forward the committee would attempt to identify members to take on leadership roles in turning out members for the campaigns as well as integrating demands around rent control.

Isa and Giudi presented on a proposal for CDSA to join the Illinois Single Payer Coalition. Isa moved to adopt the proposal. The motion was seconded and adopted.

Anna presented on a proposal for the chapter to endorse a counter protest of the anti-abortion rally, March for Life to be held in downtown Chicago. Anna moved to adopt the proposal. The motion was seconded and adopted.

Anna presented on a proposal for the chapter hold another Working Group Summit. Anna moved to adopt the proposal. The motion was seconded. Joe moved to amend the proposal substituting language “be submitted to the Campaigns Committee” with “become project committees.” The motion to amend was seconded and adopted. The proposal was adopted with amendment.

Leonard moved to have the meeting adjourn at 4:46PM. The motion to adjourn was seconded and adopted.