CDSA General Meeting Minutes October 7, 2018

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October Chicago DSA General Meeting

October 7, 2018

Hairpin Arts Center

Approved December 2, 2018

Chairing: Leonard P & Lucie M
Parliamentarian: Ramsin C
Minutes Joe A

The quarterly membership meeting of the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America (CDSA) was called to order at 1:06PM October 7, 2018 by Lucie. Leonard introduced the Executive Committee Officers, Branch Representatives, Branch Steering Committee Members, National Political Committee Members, and Working Group leadership. Lucie and Leonard reviewed feminist process.

Leonard moved that the agenda be adopted. The motion was seconded. Waleeta moved to limit debate to times indicated as written on the agenda with Item XIII, Subitems A-E limited to 6 minutes each. The motion to limit debate was seconded and adopted.  Sean moved to amend the agenda placing Item II after Item VII and ceding Item XI’s time to Item X. The motion to amend was seconded and adopted. The agenda as amended was adopted.

Joe moved to adopt the June Convention Minutes. The motion was seconded and adopted.

Marianela and Dele presented on National Political Committee, explaining its structure and function within DSA nationally.

Ed presented a report on the chapter’s financial status. Overall the chapter being in good financial health.

Joe presented on the expanded use of Action Network and Slack within the chapter for the Communications Standing Committee.

Joe presented on the status of membership and Internal Elections Standing Committee, the Internal Elections Committee would be planning the 2019 convention delegation, executive committee officer, and branch elections. Joe moved for the adoption of the consent agenda of Executive Committee decisions made since the June Convention. The motion was seconded, and the consent agenda was adopted.

The chapter took a five-minute recess.

Ramsin presented on the Political Education and Policy Committee. The members of the Policy and night school committees were acknowledged. Ramsin presented on the beginning of the chapter’s night school.

Don, Marcelyn, and Tanner, presented on the Harrassment Grievance Policy and process for submitting a grievance in the chapter.

Lillian presented on the role of campaigns coordinator and their relationship to project committees within the chapter’s structure.

Melinda and Lillian presented on the campaign criteria adopted by the Executive Committee and its purpose in evaluating campaigns to be formed into project committees.

Robin presented on the Lift The Ban campaign both CDSA’s involvement previously and plans for future involvement. Robin moved that the chapter endorse Lift the Ban as a project committee and direct the Executive Committee to create and staff the project committee. This motion was seconded and adopted.

Ramsin and Simon presented on the creation of a committee to develop a three-year plan within the chapter.

The chapter took a ten-minute recess.

Marianela moved that in the case of any individual endorsement of a candidate that the decision of the tier of the endorsement be delegated to the EC. The motion was seconded and failed.

General discussion of electoral endorsements was followed by discussion of specific candidate endorsements in the following order: Daniel La Spata, Byron Sigcho Lopez, Rossana Rodriguez, Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, and Ugo Okere.

Joe presented the results of the electoral endorsement votes:

With 113 Ayes, 82 Nays, and 37 Abstentions, the chapter did not endorse Daniel La Spata.

With 188 Ayes, 26 Nays, and 18 Abstentions, the chapter did endorse Byron Sigcho Lopez.

With 220 Ayes, 4 Nays, and 8 Abstentions, the chapter did endorse Rossana Rodriguez.

With 205 Ayes, 13 Nays, and 14 Abstentions, the chapter did endorse Carlos Ramirez-Rosa.

With 129 Ayes, 78 Nays, and 25 Abstentions, the chapter did not endorse Ugo Okere.

Leonard moved to adjourn the meeting at 4:12PM which was seconded and adopted.