This Week in the CDSA (February 10 – February 17)

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Good Morning Chicago DSA,

One thing I really enjoy about being a member of this wonderful socialist organization is that DSA is bigger than just Chicago. There are chapters all across the country and all of them are fighting the same fights that we are and organizing around the same issues. Realistically, there are too many chapters to keep up with, but I always love hearing about what DSA folks outside of CDSA are working on. This week, Midwest Socialist published a great chapter update from Detroit DSA. I definitely recommend giving it a quick read and seeing what our comrades in Michigan are up to.

Here in Chicago, we’ve another great week of socialism planned out. Of particular note are the North Side Branch Meeting on Wednesday and then the last chapter wide Day of Action for our candidates. This one is #Education4All themed. A lot of our endorsed candidates have been in candidate forums for their races recently and all have performed incredibly well. If you want to get excited for canvassing on Saturday – you should check out the CDSA twitter feed for some streams and reports on those forums as well as other great content! I’ll see you out there, comrades 🙂

Sunday, February 10
  • Ugo for 40th: February Day of Action; 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM; Gross Park; 2708 W. Lawrence;
    Come by for our FINAL Day of Action Canvass! The 40th is ready for expanded affordable housing, participatory budgeting, and more money for our neighborhood public schools – but only if we fight for it!
  • Socialist Night School Planning Retreat; 1 PM – 5 PM; UE Hall; 37 S. Ashland Ave
    Join the Political Education & Policy Committee in planning the next two semesters of night schools–what is our vision for political education for the chapter, how can we be creative in both teaching and learning, how will we integrate the work with chapter campaigns, how will we measure progress, how will we make sure we are capturing all this knowledge.
Tuesday, February 12
  • Labor Working Group Meeting; 7 PM – 8:40 PM; UE Hall; 37 S. Ashland Ave
    We are an intersectional group of labor militants who are actively rebuilding the labor movement from the ground-up through organizing the unorganized and strengthening the power of the organized rank-and-file worker. We demand a proactive labor movement, both nationally and locally, that can combat worker exploitation and respond to the new economy of fissured workplaces. We believe that in order to overthrow capitalism we need to build a militant movement of labor activists.
    We’ll be talking about the Workers’ Town Hall from last week, planning for the upcoming Labor 101, and working on our Strike & Solidarity Manual. Join us!
Wednesday, February 13
  • North Side Branch Meeting; 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM; UE Hall; 37 S. Ashland Ave
    Come to the monthly North Side Chicago DSA Branch meeting for updates on campaigns and how to get involved, and for a forum on the teachers strike wave across the country from teachers and activists. NOTE: check-in begins at 6:30.
Friday, February 15
  • CCWG Book Discussion: The Ward Assembly; 6:30 PM – 9 PM; Flood’s Hall; 1515 E. 52nd Pl.
    This unique, internal Community Councils Working Group education meeting will reflect on Greta Salem’s The Forty-Fourth Ward: An Experiment in Neighborhood Democracy, a short, 72-page book about Chicago Alderman Dick Simpson’s transfer of aldermanic power to ward residents through a newly created “Ward Assembly”.
    Discussion will focus on the Ward Assembly model presented in the book, its possibilities, and its limits in the development of workers’ power and democratic socialism in Chicago. The book is available through the Chicago Public Library system. Reading is NOT required to participate.
    Please text or call 872.760.4616 if you don’t find the location right away.
Saturday, February 16
  • Our Socialist Feminist Working Group has started fundraising for the Chicago Abortion Fund through the annual Abortion Bowl-A-Thon! Last year, the team – the Bowletariat – raised over ten thousand dollars for abortion access. To find out more about the team and why they’re raising money and to then be in such awe that you want to donate money and also maybe join the team, check out the team’s donation profile!
  • The next CDSA General Meeting has been scheduled. It will be March 2 at the Chicago Teacher’s Union – 1901 W. Carroll Ave. Mark you calendars please!
  • The Strike and Solidarity Committee has set up an SMS system to keep people posted about strike and solidarity actions. People that want to get updates should text SOLIDARITY to 55222
  • Renew your dues! It’s been two years since the 2016 election which spurred a lot of us into joining. That means that for a lot of us, it’s time to renew. If that’s you, you can do so here: (Consider switching to monthly too!). Look out for some exciting news about dues renewal pins coming soon.
  • If you aren’t on the CDSA Slack Channel yet, but would like to be, shoot me an email at [email protected] and I’ll get you set up with it.
  • Grievance Policy. If you ever feel you are being harassed by another member of DSA, or made to feel uncomfortable by a member, or have a conflict with another member, please reach out to [email protected] to get in touch with our chapter’s Harassment and Grievance Officers.

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In solidarity,
Zach Shearer