CDSA General Meeting Minutes December 2, 2018

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December Chicago DSA General Meeting

December 2, 2018

Crowne Plaza Hotel

Approved March 2, 2019

Chairing: Leonard P & Lucie M
Parliamentarian: Keefer D
Minutes Joe A

The quarterly membership meeting of the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America (CDSA) was called to order at 1:09PM December 2, 2018 by Lucie M. The Executive Committee Officers, Branch Representatives, Branch Steering Committee Members, National Political Committee Members, and members involved in the national organization were introduced.

Tanner H and Marcelyn C, two of the Harassment and Grievance Officers, reviewed feminist process.

Leonard P moved that the agenda be adopted. The motion was seconded. Sean E moved to amend the agenda by striking Section X, Item C on the Working Group Summit. The motion to amend was seconded and adopted. The agenda as amended was adopted.

Joe A moved to adopt the October general meeting minutes. The motion was seconded and adopted.

Tanner H, Marcelyn C, and Don W introduced themselves as the Harassment and Grievance Officers, their function in the chapter, and how to contact them via email.

Marianela D presented on National Political Committee, explaining its structure and function within DSA nationally. The committee had appointed a new member, Jack Suria Linares, to fill a vacancy. She announced the next national convention would occur in August of 2018, which CDSA would elect delegates for. Preceding the national convention there would be regional conferences that would include political discussion and debate. Chicago was selected as a potential site for one of these conferences.

Joe A presented the secretary’s report. It included an overview of membership numbers, the Internal Elections Standing Committee’s intention to produce a process for electing convention delegates and branch steering committees, and the intention to create a chapter data policy.

Leonard P presented the treasurer’s report. The chapter was in good financial health and that the treasurer was working on a budget for 2019.

Joe A moved for the chapter to adopt the consent agenda of the Executive Committee decisions from October through November of 2018. The motion was seconded. Steve W made a point of order asking if there was quorum present. The chair ruled quorum was not established. Ramsin moved to take a ten minute recess to establish quorum. The motion to establish quorum was adopted.

After the recess adjourned, quorum was still not established.  Ramsin moved to adjourn the meeting. This motion was seconded. The motion to adjourn failed.

Tina G made a motion to adjourn. The motion to adjourn was withdrawn upon learning that the secretary’s definition of quorum was incorrect according to the national constitution and should only include members in good standing and not up to a year arrear in dues. Ramsin made a point of order requesting the establishment of quorum. Quorum was established with 164 members present.

Joe A moved for the chapter to adopt the consent agenda of the Executive Committee decisions from October through November of 2018. The motion was seconded and adopted.

Lucie M made a motion to limit the upcoming ten minute break to five minutes. This motion was seconded and adopted.

After the five minute break, Lucie outlined the current process for electoral endorsement and that the chapter had endorsed Byron Sigcho Lopez, Rossana Rodriguez and Carlos Ramirez-Rosa. Zach S moved to suspend the rules of the endorsement process to consider the endorsement of Ugo Okere for 40th Ward Alderman by the membership at the meeting. The motion was seconded and after debate the motion to suspend the rules carried.

Zach S moved for CDSA to endorse Ugo Okere for 40th Ward Alderman. The motion was seconded and after debate the motion to endorse was adopted.

Sean D and John T spoke as members of the Electoral Ad Hoc Committee about its vision, purpose, and strategy. Then Byron Sigcho Lopez, Rossana Rodriguez, Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, and Ugo Okere gave speeches. Rudi B and Melinda B presented on two mass days of action. A coordinated canvass occurring January 5 and election day canvassing February 26.

Melinda B and the Lift the Ban committee presented on Lift the Ban campaign. The referenda passed in all three wards where CDSA had canvassed. Next steps for the project committee included pushing the statewide bill to lift the ban on rent control. A retreat to plan next steps would occur January 12

The statewide Illinois meetup of DSA chapters was announced for January 7-9 and the chapter’s holiday party for January 5.

Lucie moved to adjourn the meeting at 4PM. The motion was seconded and adopted.