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Good Morning Chicago DSA,

It’s been an odd week. It’s officially summer now, not that you’d know it from the weather, and our federal government continues to operate concentration camps right out in the open. And no, we will not be having any debate on whether they are concentration camps, because they are. They are not death camps, as the Nazis operated, but they are concentration camps.

There is some good news, even as the administration argues in court against giving children basic things like soap, toothbrushes, or beds while in custody. Our own comrades have been out there all week trying to #FreeHeartlandKids, and our socialist alderpeople were at the front of the backlash that forced the administration to temporarily postpone plans to massively increase ICE raids and deportations starting today.

As an aside, please be aware that you have rights if ICE tries to come after you or someone you know, and you are not alone.

As with any number of things this administration does, it’s easy to feel helpless and angry when you hear about the horrifying conditions these children are enduring. I certainly have been. But seeing so many people show up yesterday to protest in support of detainees makes me feel a little better. And going out and doing the work to help bring about a better world does too. I wish I had something a little more optimistic for you here, but on that note, here’s what’s on our calendar for this week.

(Also please consider coming out to the Communications Committee meeting on Monday. It’s my first meeting in charge and I want as much pressure on me as possible to not look like an idiot. Thanks!)

Monday, June 24
  • Communications Committee Meeting; 7 – 8:30 PM; CDSA Office, 3411 W. Diversey Ave.

    Join the CDSA Communications Committee for our June meeting! We’ll be discussing social media, agitprop, video, podcast, and our print publications. We’ve got a lot of projects to work on, and if you’ve never been to a CDSA meeting before, the smaller working group meetings are a great way to get involved. Our meetings are open to members and non-members, and we hope you’ll join us!

Tuesday, June 25
  • Lift The Ban Committee Meeting; 6 – 8 PM; United Neighbors of the 35th Ward, 3851 W. Fullerton St.

    Housing is a human right! Join us as we plan and enact our summer strategy to lift the statewide ban on rent control and forward a socialist agenda for housing justice. Details to join via phone or video conference will be provided.

  • Queer Socialist Working Group Meeting; 7 – 8:30 PM; CDSA Office, 3411 W. Diversey Ave.

    Please join us for our monthly meeting! We’ll be discussing projects related to LGBTQ+ rights and liberation. All are welcome! The CDSA office is located at 3411 W Diversey. There is a buzzer next to door, look for CDSA on the menu to call and someone will buzz you in. (If no one picks up, you might be early!) Once you’re inside take the elevator to the second floor. The meeting will be down the hallway to your left when you exit the elevator. This location does not have gender neutral bathrooms.

Wednesday, June 26
  • Housing Working Group Meeting; 7 – 9 PM; National Public Housing Museum, 625 N. Kingsbury

    This is the monthly Housing WG meeting. We’ll be talking elections and ways we can jump start housing justice campaigns in our city and state! This location is ADA-compliant and has gender-neutral bathrooms.

Thursday, June 27
  • Democratic Socialist Debate Watch Party; 7:30 – 10:30 PM; The Old Plank, 2700 N. Milwaukee Ave.

    That’s right folks, the 2020 Democratic Primary debates are already here. Join Chicago DSA at The Old Plank as we host a watch party of Debate Night #2 and cheer on Democratic Socialist for President Bernie Sanders.

Saturday, June 29
  • Political Education and Policy Committee Retreat; 1 – 4 PM; U.E. Hall; 37 S. Ashland Ave.

    We will be discussing the fall semester of the Night School, the policy newsletter (the Red Star Bulletin) and a bigger plan for political education over the next year! Space is limited, so if you’d like to attend, please RSVP here. This location is not ADA-compliant and does not have gender neutral bathrooms.

Sunday, June 30
  • “Stonewall Was A Rebellion!” contingent at Pride Parade; 11 AM – 2 PM; 4466 N. Broadway

    It’s the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riot, and this pride month is going to be a hell storm of rainbow capitalism and historical revisionism. To help counter the mainstream trivialization of Stonewall, we invite you to join our contingent in this year’s Pride Parade organized around the theme that “Stonewall was a rebellion against police brutality.” Ours will be a breath of fresh air vs. the corporate Pride of beer and bank floats, as we get relevant, radical LGBTQ politics in front of an audience of 1 million+ people. Meet up at 11am in front of the Uptown Target store, 4466 N. Broadway, 1 block south of the main exit of the Wilson Red Line stop. Plenty of water and sunscreen will be available. If you are not able to participate in the entire march, we encourage you to attend the first (and best!) part of it, and then drop out when you need to. There are a handful of L stops fairly close to the parade route to which we can direct you if you need to leave early.

  • “Strike While It’s Hot” Training Session; Noon – 2 PM; U.E. Hall, 37 S. Ashland Ave.

    Do you want to support workers on strike but aren’t sure how? Have you been to a few picket lines but want more training on how best to engage and support workers confronting capital? Do you just want to learn more about strikes and why they’re so important to the democratic socialist project? This event is for you! Join the CDSA Labor Working Group and the Strike and Solidarity Committee for Strike While It’s Hot – a strike straining for workers (union and non), their friends and allies and folks who want to show solidarity with workers withholding their labor from capital. Learn how supporting strikes is integral to socialism, what different types of strikes there are and how to approach them, and how to provide material support. We’ll also cover the basics of an organizing conversation and help you be prepared for the next strike that breaks out in Chicago.

  • The Socialism 2019 Conference is in Chicago from July 4th-7th. This year the DSA is sponsoring numerous talks throughout the weekend, and the Democratic Socialist Labor Commission is organizing a series of panels on the labor movement. DSA members from chapters all over the country will be in attendance, so it’s a great opportunity to meet other DSAers without even leaving Chicago!
  • The minutes from the March General Membership Meeting have been published.
  • The Strike and Solidarity Committee is looking for strike captains! If you’re interested in being a strike captain (no experience required!), fill out this survey about the times and areas where you could help. They have also set up an SMS system to keep people posted about strike and solidarity actions. People that want to get updates should text SOLIDARITY to 55222.
  • If you aren’t on the CDSA Slack Channel yet, but would like to be, shoot me an email at and I’ll get you set up with it.
  • Grievance Policy. If you ever feel you are being harassed by another member of DSA, or made to feel uncomfortable by a member, or have a conflict with another member, please reach out to to get in touch with our chapter’s Harassment and Grievance Officers.

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In solidarity,
Caleb Nordgren

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