A Working Class Movement for 2020 and Beyond

At a time when millions of Americans are unable to afford housing, healthcare, and/or education, when worker organizing is repressed, and when capitalist production threatens the planet, Bernie’s campaign is calling out the cause of this mass suffering–the capitalist class–and calling for the one thing we know it will take to defeat them: mass organization of the working class.


What We're Doing


We are canvassing to organize new, unactivated, and currently engaged CDSA members leading up to the March 17th Illinois Democratic Party primary, concentrating on a few neighborhoods throughout the city that are strategic for both the growth of our organization and Bernie’s campaign. We are also connecting Bernie’s platform to our local campaigns around housing, healthcare, and energy democratization.

Student Organizing

We are also organizing students, a group that supports Bernie above any other candidate, but often has low voter turnout. We’re focusing on colleges with large concentrations of working-class students, including city colleges, to build a city-wide coalition of working-class students who want to organize around the Bernie campaign, foster the development of student leaders, and provide political education on socialist ideas and theories.


The goal of our communications team is to inform people about Bernie and why we as socialists support him, as well connect Bernie’s national platform with CDSA’s local organizing efforts. We’re working to develop a strong social media and local media presence to agitate around Bernie’s key issues and engage both CDSA members and the general public.

Get Involved

We hope you will join us in our work to build more socialists, organize working-class voters, and deliver victories for Bernie Sanders locally and in the general election!

Why did the CDSA vote to go "All in for Bernie"?

Over the last two years, we’ve seen teachers, flight attendants, auto workers, school employees, coal miners, and nurses mobilize en masse. People across the country are looking for a radical alternative to politics as usual as they demand better pay, meaningful benefits, and safer working conditions. Our chapter is building a movement in Chicago that is explicitly socialist, democratically-run, and member-funded; among the presidential contenders in the 2020 election, we see our vision best represented in Bernie Sanders’ platform.

Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid in 2016, along with the subsequent election of Donald Trump, represented a turning point for the Democratic Socialists of America. It transformed DSA into the nation’s largest and most important socialist organization in generations. In 2019, Chicago DSA voted to endorse Bernie’s 2020 run and create CDSA for Bernie, an independent expenditure campaign to support this effort. In December 2019, our membership voted to adopt the All in for Bernie 2020 priority campaign as a chapter-wide initiative to win the March 2020 Illinois Primary for Bernie Sanders, and to use this initiative to grow Chicago DSA into an organization that can sustain this fight for the long haul.

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