Our Mission

The Anti-Racism Working Group is a cadre of the CDSA that organizes for socialism that is anti-racist, anti-colonialist and anti-imperialist. We work to create the direct, concrete opposition to white supremacy that must be a centerpiece of the US socialist movement.

What We Do

The ARWG is structured around the following principles:

  • Coalition building: The work of anti-racism, anti-colonialism, and Anti-imperialism is being conducted by a myriad of organizations across Chicago, very often by those most directly impacted by these issues and frequently with a clear understanding of how capitalism intersects those issues. The working group is committed to understanding and respecting the work others are doing, supporting
    others where we can, and finding new projects we can bring others in to.
  • Multi-disciplinary actions: Anti-Racism does not focus uniquely on electoral strategies, direct action strategies, or any other single approach to solving problems. Some of our work involves awareness raising and canvassing. Some of our work involves standing with impacted communities on the front lines in direct action, and some work involves providing resources to other groups in need.
  • Education: ARWG seeks to regularly education ourselves, other DSA members, and outsiders on the intersection of capitalism and racism, colonialism, and imperialism. ARWG looks to do this through regular readings and discussions on current events, as well as organizing documentary screenings and learning events.

The ARWG has been involved in several activities since its founding. We’ve worked with groups like CAARPR (Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression) to help raise support for the civilian oversight of the police force, hosted an educational event on Chairman Fred Hampton, organized for the No Cop Academy, protested the Air and Water Show, and worked with organizers in Gary, Indiana to protest ICE deportation flights out of Gary Airport. Members have also been involved in the Brake Light replacement campaign, worked with the Lift the Ban campaign and much more.

The ARWG is a bottom-up working group that helps members learn their strengths and grow as organizers and leaders in the anti-racist socialist movement.

Our Leadership Structure

The Anti-Racism Working Group is lead by Chair Marvin Benjamin. The secretary is Edward Hirsch..

Getting Involved

There is always room for everyone. We are currently working to build out CDSA’s new Immigration Rights Committee, to work on education and action initiatives to Abolish ICE and protect Chicago’s immigrant communities. The Anti-Racism working group also coordinates with other Chicago orgs to protest and fight against the proposed Cop Academy on the West Side of Chicago. Furthermore, We continue to work with CAARPR to push the CPAC ordinance which promotes civilian oversight of the police force. We also always have room and capacity to support new members who want to bring their own ideas and actions to the table! Make sure to check the calendar for our next meeting.

Contact Information

Please reach out to Secretary Edward Hirsch ([email protected]) for more information about the Anti-Racism Working Group