Chicago DSA Campaigns

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Following the lead of the Black Abolitionist Network, Chicago DSA is running a campaign to defund the Chicago Police Department by 75% and reinvest those funds into healthcare, education, housing, and other essential public programs.

In 2020 the Chicago Police Department was budgeted at 1.8 billion dollars, 40% of the City’s annual operating budget. By comparison, the city only allocated 4.8% of the 2020 budget to infrastructure and only 3.4% on community services.

Policing and incarceration have become, to borrow a phrase from abolitionist scholar Ruth Wilson Gilmore, “a catchall solution to social problems”; we need direct investment in communities instead. By directly addressing the root causes of violence in our city, we can meaningfully address harm and build towards a Chicago that provides prosperity and dignity for all.



DemocratizeComEd is a people-powered campaign for democratically controlled energy in Chicago. We're fighting for an elected utility board, public control of profits, aggressive renewable energy, fairer rates, and green jobs to maintain the grid.

ComEd is Chicago’s electricity provider, and their contract with the city is up for renewal in 2020. For the first time in 30 years, we have a chance to take control of our energy future. By turning ComEd into a municipal utility controlled by the people of Chicago, for the people of Chicago, we can increase clean energy, get fairer rates, and put profits back into our community rather than into shareholders’ pockets.

Get involved with our research, political education, communications, outreach, or direct action/canvassing committees.



Lift The Ban is a statewide effort advocating for economic well-being and stability for Illinois’ families through repealing the Rent Control Preemption Act of 1997, and establishing rent control for Chicago residents.

The Lift the Ban Coalition consists of more than 30 groups that believe rent control is a necessary first step in taking back power from wealthy developers, curbing gentrification and displacement, and tackling Illinois’ housing crisis.

The CDSA Lift the Ban campaign focuses on canvassing neighborhoods, lobbying local and state politicians and educating the public to build the movement for housing justice.

Past Campaigns



Democratic Socialists for Bernie is a national campaign by DSA to bring together the “us” that will put Bernie in the White House, and then go on to create the grassroots political pressure needed to transform our economy and politics into a true democracy, where ordinary people have everything they need to live free and flourishing lives.

The DSA endorses Bernie Sanders because we think his campaign and his ideas can help us build a mass working-class movement.

Our campaign works to share Bernie’s platform and message with ordinary working people, connecting its ideas and proposals to a broader analysis of capitalism’s shortcomings, and convincing people that there is a year-round, indeed a lifelong socialist movement they can join. Opportunities to get involved include canvasses, community events, campus organizing and more.


#AnthonyClark for Congress

Anthony Clark is a teacher, veteran and Democratic Socialist running for congress in Illinois 7th District. Anthony’s platform features calls for education reform, criminal justice reform, an end to the war on drugs, Medicare-for-All, a Federal Jobs Guarantee, tuition-free college and trade schools, a Green New Deal.

Anthony was raised and still lives in Oak Park where he founded the Suburban Unity Alliance to promote equitable policies and opportunities. He is challenging longtime incumbent Danny Davis with a grassroots campaign funded and run by working class people.



Medicare4All is a campaign organized to make single-payer Medicare for All healthcare a reality. We work to pass federal legislation like Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All Act of 2017.

We door-knock and canvass our neighbors to gain support for Medicare for All. We organize panels and town halls across the country to educate about the program. We organize rallies and demonstrations to pressure politicians to support single-payer.

We work with a broad coalition of healthcare advocacy groups like the Labor Campaign for Single Payer, the Physicians for a National Health Program, National Nurses United, Healthcare NOW, and more.

Help us fight to replace our fractured and broken health system with a unified Medicare for All system. Get involved by emailing [email protected] for more information.