Our Mission

To build democratic socialism by helping to develop, support, defend, and bring together revolutionary people’s assemblies rooted in working-class neighborhoods. We endeavor for our efforts to directly contribute to the development of a thriving assembly movement in Chicago that sweeps all power away from exploiters and places them in the people’s hands, through their autonomous assemblies.

What We Do

  • Offer literature, trainings, and other assistance to help organizers develop projects within a people’s assembly framework.
  • Locate and develop deliberative traditions in our neighborhoods that build popular, participatory politics.
  • Foster a clear understanding of concepts of working-class struggle, self-organization, socialism, and dual power.
  • Voluntarily pool our knowledge and abilities to build something stronger than our isolated efforts could, the whole of which is greater than the sum of our individual parts.
  • Connect and assist neighbors in struggle.


We regard autonomous assemblies as indispensable organs of people’s power needed for us to achieve freedom, control of our own labor, to direct and ensure access to our own resources, and govern and defend social life. We envision these assemblies working in concert with workplace assemblies as we wrest control of the economy and society as a whole from capitalist rule. We know that a new society free from capitalist domination and founded upon comprehensive liberation is possible. We see that the assemblies are the seeds of this society and the necessary means to get there.


We find that our ideas harmonize well with multiple currents, including, but not limited to anarcho-syndicalism, communalism, council communism, democratic confederalism, downscaling, horizontality, humanist Marxism, libertarian municipalism, libertarian socialism, and zapatismo.

Our Leadership Structure

Our structure strives to embody the principles of: full autonomy, direct democracy, instantly recallable delegates, equality, and horizontalism..

Getting Involved

If you share our vision or if you are interested to know more, connect with us over email or join us at our monthly meeting!

If you do not see one of our meetings posted on the Chicago DSA’s Facebook event page under “Community Councils Working Group”, be sure to contact us.

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]