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1968 Eugene V. Debs Dinner

The 1968 Debs Dinner was apparently held in the spring of 1968. Aside from the promotional article below, we have no other information about it. As noted, Michael Harrington and Leon Keyserling were the featured speaker. The "Toastmaster" was Leon Despres. The article may have been written by Carl Shier.

Harrington - Keyserling

Chicago Debs Dinner

This year's Chicago Debs Day Dinner, sponsored by the Socialist Party, promises to be the finest ever. The topic, "The Crisis of the Cities," which ties together the problems of poverty, racial inequality and the deterioration of urban life, is the most crucial domestic issue in America today.

The featured speakers are eminently qualified to deal with the theme. Michael Harrington, National Chairman of the League for Industrial Democracy and leading member of the Socialist Party, made an indelible impression with his study of poverty, "The Other America." Leon Keyserling, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors in the Truman Administration, National Vice Chairman of the ADA, consulting economist and attorney, and President of the Conference of Economic Progress, directed the research in preparation of the A. Philip Randolph Freedom Budget. Toastmaster of the affair is Leon Depres, Independent Alderman of Chicago's 5th Ward and long time fighter in the field of civil rights.

This year's dinner is being supported by a fine list of sponsors well known in Chicago labor, liberal, radical, peace and civil rights circles. Especially impressive is the list of labor sponsors, some of whom include Chargles Cogen, President of the American Federation of Teachers, Patrick Gorman, Secretary-Treasurer of the Amalgamated Meat Cutters, Ralph Helstein, President of United Packinghouse Workers, Charles Chiakulas, Regional Coordinator of the Industrial Union Department, Murray Finley, Manager, Chicago Joint Board, Amalgamated Clothing Workers, and Joseph Coles, President, Chicago Chapter, Negro American Labor Council.

All organizations above are for identification purposes only.

New America, Volume 7, Number 6, January 30, 1968.

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