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46th Annual Eugene V. Debs - Norman Thomas - Michael Harrington Dinner

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Kim Bobo

Our "Mistress of Ceremonies" Kim Bobo leads the Dinner in song.

Talbott and Romney


Lynn Talbott

For the steadfast leadership you have provided over three decades to your members as steward, local president, staff member, and Joint Board Manager;

For your unwavering belief in both the need to and the possibility of organizing workers;

For your understanding that the role of a union extends far beyond the four corners of a contract and a collective bargaining agreement;

For your insistence, both through your work in CLUW and your own union, that trade union sisters have their rightful seat at the labor movement's table;

For your leadership in calling attention to the devastating effects of unfair trade laws and for your unstinting efforts to oppose them;

The Debs-Thomas-Harrington Dinner Committee does hereby present you with its annual award this 7th day of May, 2004.


UNITE! Secretary Treasurer George Romney presents Lynn Talbott with the Debs - Thomas - Harrington Award.

Frank Llewellyn

DSA National Director Frank Llewellyn speaks about Wal-Mart and the low wage economy.

Medina and Shier

Eliseo Medina

For your leadership in the struggle to bring justice to workers in the California vineyards;

For your contribution in the fight for justice waged by Los Angeles janitors who, with your guidance, won the biggest increases in your union's fifteen year campaign to raise the compensation levels of building service workers;

For your pioneering work in not only winning bargaining rights for low-paid home health care attendants, but for setting a high standard for others to meet by securing employer-paid health insurance for those same workers;

For your vital role in the AFL-CIO's reassessment of its immigration policy;

For the inspiration you have provided to thousands of workers spanning four decades in the labor movement;

The Debs-Thomas-Harrington Dinner Committee does hereby present you with its annual award this 7th day of May, 2004.

Carl Shier (right) presents Eliseo Medina with the Debs - Thomas - Harrington Award.

Jan Schakowsky


Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky presents the Debs - Thomas - Harrington Address at the 46th Annual Dinner.

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