They Buy Their Power. We Build Ours.

Renew your dues to the Democratic Socialists of America (national) or become a monthly donor to the Chicago DSA chapter!

Renew Your National Dues
Keep your DSA membership active and support DSA efforts at the national level. If you renew as a monthly member, 20% will go to CDSA.
Donate Monthly to Chicago DSA
If you can give a little extra every month, on top of your dues, 100% will go towards local Chicagoland campaigns and programs. Note that this does NOT renew your DSA national membership.
What’s the difference? The DSA works at both the national and local levels, doing a combination of strategic nationwide planning and local actions. Every DSA member, regardless of location, pays annual dues to the national organization. Optionally, Chicagoland DSA supporters can also choose to donate directly to the local Chicago DSA chapter. That money stays local and allows CDSA to spend our resources on local campaigns and programs.

Please use the same email address associated with your DSA membership. If in doubt, please contact [email protected] to verify or change it before donating.

Why do we pay dues?

We live in an increasingly neoliberal world with fewer working class institutions capable of confronting capital than we had just 40 years ago. Globally, the labor movement has shrunk under repeated attacks from the ruling class. Many left-wing political parties that once opposed austerity across Europe and South America, now administer the very cuts to the public good they once fought.

We pay dues because we are rebuilding the institutions of the Left and the independent working class power it will take to win transformative reforms and erode the power of capital.

In the U.S., the conditions of working class institutions have been made worse by the increasing “non-profitization” of social movements. Most non- profits are constrained by state regulations on their political activity on one side, and by the elite interests of the foundations that fund their work on the other, making it nearly impossible to live up to their mission of creating a more just and equitable world

In DSA, we take these lessons from the Left seriously. That’s why we fund our work with dues from our members, not large donations or grants from foundations. To build a working class movement powerful enough to take on capital, we must be free from corporate influence.

Finally, our reliance on members’ dues supports internal democracy. In 2017, members’ dues and member contributions on top of dues funded 86% of DSA’s total income. The other 14% came from conference and convention registrations, advertisements purchased by our members and labor unions in the Democratic Left, and small $5 and $10 web-donations from non- member supporters of our campaigns. To continue receiving voluntary dues from thousands of members, our members must believe in DSA’s work and feel their power over the things that matter in DSA. In turn, spreading dues across thousands of members means that no one person in DSA has more political sway because of their financial contributions.

Why donate monthly?

As a part of the national dues drive, we are encouraging our members to sign-up for monthly recurring dues payments because our current annual dues structure is causing a number of problems for our budget and staff. This transition from large one time annual dues payments to smaller monthly recurring payments was passed at the 2017 National Convention in Resolution #21.

Most DSA members who joined in late 2016 and early 2017 became members just after major political events like Election Day, #J20, and the Travel Ban protests. This means that thousands of our memberships are lapsing at the same time. And if those memberships aren’t renewed quickly, we will lose hundreds of thousands of dollars from our organizing budget for every month their dues are lapsed.

In the coming months and years, capitalism will continually create major political disruptions that drive people to join DSA. Transitioning our members from annual dues to monthly dues will prevent the situation we are in now — where memberships are lapsing en masse — from happening again.

Whether you renew your national dues monthly (where 20% of your dues go to CDSA) or donate directly to CDSA every month (100% goes to CDSA), your support keeps our movement strong and vibrant.