Our Mission

We, the members of the Environmental Justice Working Group of the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America, have organized to fight for the future of working people and our children on Earth.

Democratic Socialists believe that all people deserve clean air and water, fair access to food, shelter and health care, and a voice in the governments that distribute society’s abundant wealth.

We recognize that people of color and indigenous communities are the first impacted by the environmental crises of our age. These crises are the result of political choices made by the capitalist class. Therefore, we build political power to bring about the end of capitalist power and win justice for all people

What We Do

Past Events:

Urban Environmentalism Panel, An educational panel event that highlighted organizations that are doing great environmental work right here Chicago. Touched on how to be an environmentalist in an urban setting and how to get involved locally.

Stewardship Days, Working in partnership with local environmental groups like Friends of the Chicago River, the Environmental Justice Working Group has planned local river and park clean-up days where Working Group members had a chance to enjoy and restore Chicago’s green spaces.

Current Projects:

Anti-Fracking Coalition with Food & Water Watch, In March 2018 the Environmental Justice Working Group voted to join a statewide environmental coalition that is working towards winning a moratorium on fracking in Illinois. Our working group will be supporting the efforts of this coalition in several ways, including pressuring local Chicago elected representatives to sponsor a moratorium on fracking.

Composting Project, Several Environmental Justice Working Group members are currently working to create composting kits for working group members so that we can compost our food waste in our homes.

Chicago Focused Eco-Guide, The Environmental Justice Working Group is currently creating a Chicago-specific guide to living greener in our day-to-day lives. The goal of this guide is to organize our CDSA chapter membership on simple ways they can decrease their environmental impact.

Stewardship days where we volunteer in park, river, and beach clean ups. This will take place more frequently as the weather gets warmer

Food and Socialism Panel Event, A panel event exploring the intersections of food and socialism. Panelists from Urban Canopy, Growing Home, Cooperation Operation, and Red Giant Union will discuss the importance of access to food, growing food in an urban setting, locally sourced food, and more.

Getting Involved

You should check the calendar and look for one of our events. Stewardship days are a good first event. You’re also invited to attend one of our monthly meetings. Additionally, we’re looking for people to take part in anti-fracking coalition events such as trainings, actions, etc.

Contact Information

Please reach out to Toby Mitchell ([email protected]) for more information about the Environmental Justice Working Group