Our Mission

The Chicago Democratic Socialists of America Labor Working Group (CDSA LWG) formed in 2017 during a time of transition for the labor movement and working class. After decades of labor unions operating largely as service centers for contract disputes and slush funds for the Democratic Party, we see the dire need of labor to become expressly socialist to build a movement that fights for all working people.

As Democratic Socialists, we bring an alternative vision of what the labor movement can be. Through socialism, we are determined to win the democratic control of the means of production and democracy in the workplace. We are building a socialist movement to push for broader justice for all workers.

Nationally, we are at a turning point for Socialism and the labor movement, with growing numbers of socialists everyday and the rapid increase of strikes. Locally, we have an incredible toolbox of labor militancy to build off of, from the Chicago Teachers Union Strikes to the Republic Window and Doors Occupation. We are using this power to fight for a better world.

What We Do

We are an intersectional group of labor militants who are actively rebuilding the labor movement from the ground-up through organizing the unorganized and strengthening the power of the organized rank-and-file worker. We demand a proactive labor movement, both nationally and locally, that can combat worker exploitation and respond to the new economy of fissured workplaces. We believe that in order to overthrow capitalism we need to build a militant movement of labor activists.

Our Leadership Structure

The labor working group consists of a steering committee which helps organize and plan for labor working group meetups, labor organizing events, and much more. The steering committee consists of two co-chairs, a secretary-treasurer, and 6 at-large positions. The current leadership is:


  1. Abby Agriesti
  2. Rachel Johnson


  1. Amy Price

Getting Involved

The CDSA Labor Working Group meets the 2nd Tuesday of the Month at 7 PM at the UE Hall at 37 S. Ashland, Chicago Illinois, 60607

Contact Information

To get plugged in to the labor working group Google Group, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Shoot an e-mail to: labor@chicagodsa.org