Our Mission

We believe that libertarian socialist values are integral to a successful democratic socialist movement in America. Libertarian socialism includes many kinds of socialists such as syndicalists, council communists, left communists, anarcho-communists, & municipalists, who believe the path to socialism depends on revolutionary anti-capitalism, direct democracy and worker ownership & control of the means of production.

What We Do

We have participated in CDSA’s safety and security training, Rapid Response organizing, DSA medic training locally and nationally, contributed to CDSA’s pieces to Talking Socialism podcast and the Midwest Socialist, and helped organize support for mobilizations against far right events in Chicago and the Midwest. We have participated in the Chicago Local School Council campaign to support local democracy and one of our members was elected. We are organizing mutual aid projects such as:

  • Narcan and opiate harm reduction
  • Buiding an emergency LGBQT housing network
  • Supporting prison abolition work with allied groups

Our Leadership Structure

All collective decisions are voted on by our local caucus members through a hybrid democracy/consensus process laid out in our bylaws. Our structure is leaderless and designed to facilitate organizing.

Getting Involved

Our organizing is horizontal and fully democratic, you can jump into any of our existing projects and help or start your own if you want to. We are organizing health and prison abolition related mutual aid projects. We are also working to promote community direct democracy through organizing community councils in Chicago neighborhoods. Check the CDSA calendar for the time and locations of our monthly meetings!

Contact Information

Right now our most open form of comms is through our Twitter account.